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You have got to measure it before you can manage it. … When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.

The 4 Laws of Financial Prosperity


That’s ok. This is my website, not my side hustle.

Miriam Eric Suzanne / Reclaiming my time

Understanding oracy

Oracy is to speaking what numeracy is to mathematics or literacy to reading and writing. In short, it’s nothing more than being able to express yourself well across a range of contexts. It’s about having the vocabulary to say what you want to say and the ability to structure your thoughts so that they make sense to others.

English-speaking Union. What is oracy and why is it so important

Document everything.

Before you do more, document everything you plan to do.

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Defining ignorance

The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

The Free Dictionary / Ignorance


Web accessibility is

a magic cure for disability.


I think we have a new guideline for our house-sits.

Without a car, a house-sit must be …

  • In a place where there is very good public transportation
  • Within walking distance of necessary places such as grocery stores, mail services, et cetera
  • Contain a variety of activities to do within walking distance and public transportation